About Us

Our mission is to put homebuyers in their perfect home.

The hardest, and most important, part of buying a home is finding the right one. Most homebuyers trust high-tech sites and brokers to help them. Over half end up with buyer’s remorse.

We realized that the approach was flawed, backwards actually. What if your search didn’t start with a zip code and an agent? What if you started with listings matched to you, and your needs, lifestyle, design preferences and images?

Our intelligent technology will make these matches, and gets better as it learns more about what you like. It will stay with you, and guide you, all the way down the path to ownership. It will provide you a personalized buyer experience guided by principles of simplicity, fluidity and trust.


A short questionnaire captures your rational needs and emotional desires. We do the rest. Our digital intelligence learns from your usage cues and evaluates thousands of homes and millions of images continuously, even when you sleep.


Intelligent tools and experts guide you painlessly through the bramble of the home-buying process (from matching and showing to negotiating, financing, and closing).


Poor matches and Match Scores are unbiased, based purely on your preferences. You are in control of the personalized real estate intelligence as well as your data. We don't sell your data or view you as a lead to be handed off to someone else.

We won’t send you daily listings of “not quite” options that have the right zip code and number of bathrooms. Our principal goal is not finding the perfect home that you could or should own, but finding the home you will be most happy living in.

Our Team

Giorgi Chigogidze



Giorgi has been working on innovating mortgage and real estate processes for over a decade and previously had a career in management consulting. He is passionate about streamlining home buying for consumers—especially the convoluted search and decision-making process. Giorgi received his MBA from UCLA Anderson and is based in Los Angeles.


Ilya Dorfman



Ilya is a visionary leader and architect in decision modeling and data science. Early on, he developed recommendation engine technology purchased and used by Salesforce. He sold his real estate tech startup, LocalVector, to Trulia, and ran engineering through to its $2.5 billion acquisition by Zillow. He also headed engineering for the DNA platform at Ancestry.com. He has authored four patents.

Chris Steege



Chris is the consummate brand guy with business savvy. He spent many years building big and little brands with agencies and companies (from product to go-to-market), proving the crazy theory that success happens only when the business and brand are in complete alignment. In a prior life, he was a technology banker involved in more than two dozen IPOs. Chris received his MBA from UCLA Anderson, and his BA from Yale.

Rob Kim



Rob is an experienced business development, product, and strategy leader who has successfully led teams at multiple startups and Fortune 500s. In various roles, he has led businesses through the journey from ideation to product market fit to growth and acquisition. Rob received his MBA from UCLA Anderson and is based in Los Angeles.